Why Use Matting?

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The (3) most important reasons related to matting that effect your bottom line are:  Safety/Health, Appearance, and Cleanliness.

Safety/Health:  While proper entrance matting systems create a safer facility; an often overlooked area is jobs requiring periods of standing in the same general area.  Pain in the legs, feet and back from standing on hard surfaces or improperly placed matting affects a person's attitude in a negative way.  It's hard to argue against the statement, "When we feel better, we do better."  A person's attitude has a direct relationship on morale, productivity, absenteeism, turnover and ultimately a company's profit margin.  An investment in quality anti fatigue matting will reduce or eliminate the pain from standing, help prevent long term injuries, and reduce workman-comp claims.

Appearance:  91% of shoppers select a store for its appearance.  People get their first impression of a facility based on how the floors look.  It is difficult to put a cost on a lost customer due to a dirty appearance.  An investment in properly placed matting will certainly portray a positive image about your organization resulting in repeat customers and sales.

Cleanliness:  70-80% of dust, grime and dirt in a building are tracked in from the outside on people's feet.  An effective use of entrance matting will store water and soil for removal resulting in minimized tracking of it into the facility.  Properly placed mattting will also provide a safe, slip resistant surface.  The average cost of a slip related injury exceeds $12,000.00.

If quality floor matting is not approached with the seriousness it deserves a poor corporate image as well as serious injuries and large payouts should be expected.

Do not hesitate to call one of our professional mat experts to help solve your matting needs.  We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and help assist you in projecting a positive corporate image, the prevention of accidents and injuries as well as create a happier, more productive workforce.

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