Anti Fatigue Matting

Why you need them:
1.  An investment in quality anti fatigue matting will help prevent injuries as well as assist in a more productive workforce.
2.  It is hard to argue against the statement, "When we feel better, we do better."  Pain in the feet, legs and back from standing has a direct relationship on a person's attitude.  A person's attitude has a direct relationship with morale, productivity, absenteeism, turnover and ultimately an organizations's profit margin.
3.  An investment in quality anti fatigue matting will help reduce or eliminate the pain from standing as well as prevent potential work-man comp claims and or injuries.

How they work:
Anti fatigue mats encourage subtle movement of leg and calf muscles.  This movement allows the muscles to contract and relax which increases blood flow thus preventing blood from pooling in the lower extremities.  Blood pooling in the body's lower extremities is the cause of standing related fatigue since the heart must work harder to pump blood.

Where to place them:
1.  Anti fatigue mats should be in any area where people stand for any length of time. 
2.  Consider the length of time a person stands in the work area when deciding which mat best works for that area.
3.  Consider the work area conditions, such as:  wet areas, grease, chemicals, cart or fork lift traffic, etc.
4.  Call us to help determine which mat best solves your needs for specific areas.