Indoor Matting

Why you need them:
1.  It has been estimated that once dirt is allowed into a building it cost roughly $600 per pound to remove from the facility.
2.  Along with the cleaning costs, wet and dirty feet obviously create an increased opportunity for slipping.
3.  Another benefit of quality, updated matting is improving the overall impression of your facility.
4.  Our Indoor mats can have logos placed on them to further project a positive corporate image and deliver a message to your customers and or/ employees.

How they work:
Indoor mats are the 2nd step in reducing dirt and moisture from being spread thru your facility.  Thesse mats:  1) Stop water and dirt at the door way.  2) Store soil and water for removal.  3) Minimize the tracking of dirt and water into the facility.  4) Provide a safe surface that is slip resistant and is not a trip hazard.

Interior mats protect your flooring, reduce cleaning cost, and imporve dust control.  All of this assists in the effort to reduce "sick building syndrome", which is a $100 Billion a year cost of lost worker productivity.  (Consumer Federation of America)

Where to place them:
Indoor entrance mats should be used at any door where people enter the building.  Front entrances are obvious, but also make sure to help prevent dirt and moisture from entering your facility at any side or rear entry doors.

Interior mats perform many tasks.  They may be used as spot, spill and dirt control in areas such as:  vending machines, coffee service areas, water fountains, copy machines, customer service or registration areas, etc.