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Conductive (ESD) and Non-Conductive (Switchboard) Information

ESD Damage - How devices fail:

Damage results from working near sensitive devices in uncontrolled surroundings or when poor ESD control practices are used.  Damage is classified as either catastrophic or a   latent failure.  A catastrophic failure is obvious, while a latent failure can be difficult to identify. A device exposed to an ESD event may be partially degraded, yet continue to perform its intended function.  HOWEVER, the operating life of the device may be    dramatically reduced resulting in costly repairs or creating personnel hazards.  Using  Conductive or Static Dissipative mats is an inexpensive way to protect your people and equipment.

Conductive Mats and Static Dissipative:

Both of these types of mats are formulated to absorb static electricity and stop static shocks.  Tasks such as working, walking and even sitting in certain types of chairs/stools create static electricity.  Static electricity builds up on our bodies and clothing. The drier the surrounding air the more charge can be built up.  In areas where people work that contain sensitive electronic equipment, certain clean rooms, explosive gasses, flammable vapors and/or dust need a certain amount of electrostatic control that will conduct electricity off their bodies and take it to the ground before it has a chance to destroy the equipment or cause an explosion.  An excellent way to help remove this static electricity from a person’s body is by using Conductive or Static Dissipative matting.  Conductive mats should be used in the most sensitive areas such as areas with flammable materials, extremely sensitive equipment, or telecommunications installation areas. Static Dissipative mats should be used near computer equipment, sensitive manufacturing areas, large CPU machinery such as inserters or mailing machines, etc.   Both styles of mat need to be used with a ground cord to work properly and the mat and area need to be kept clean.

Switchboard Mats:

Switchboard (non-conductive) matting is formulated to provide insulation for the worker. Switchboard matting prevents the worker from being grounded thus preventing electric shock.  This should be considered a MUST HAVE mat in any area where personnel are in contact with high voltage machinery, high voltage transit areas, fuse box areas, elevator rooms, etc.  Our switchboard matting is specifically made to protect people from injury and possibly death.  For these mats to be 100% effective yearly replacement should be considered as the effectiveness of the mat will wear off over time.