Salon / Barber and Pet Groomers

Salon / Barber and Pet Groomers

Anti fatigue matting has long been used by barbers and hair stylist.  Whether updating your current mats or purchasing new for the first time, make sure to choose quality the first time.  You will be standing on these mats for several hours each day.  The true savings is AFTER you buy the mat as a quality / proven mat will protect your health (feet, legs, back pain as well as reduce the risk of varicose veins) every day you are working. 

Groomers - make sure you are receiving the same comfort in your work environment with quality anti fatigue matting made to fit your grooming tables.

The Perfect Mat also has a Wet Area Anti Fatigue mat for the dog washing areas.  This mat works exceptionally well as a TUB MAT.  Click on the TUB MAT page for more information.

The Perfect Mat offers quality solutions and excellent service at competitive prices. Please contact us via email or phone with any questions or comments.

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

Pet Food Place Mats

Place mats for your cat and/or dog.  These mats will hold any food or water that may spill keeping your floor clean and dry. Available in several colors.  Personalization of your pet's name is available as well.  Also makes a GREAT GIFT!

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