Mats for you home.  Many who stand for a living realize the pain goes home with them and also experience feet, leg, and back pain in areas such as dish washing, laundry, wood work, etc.

Front door mats and pet mats are also available.  The same holds true for our home as in a business.  The most important time we have is our 'free time'.  I'm sure most of us would rather do things we enjoy instead of spending more time cleaning our homes.  Our entrance matting helps trap dirt and moisture on the mat resulting in a cleaner home since the dirt is in the mat and not in the house.  It takes much less time and effort to clean a mat than the entire house!

Pet Mats

Place mats for your cat and/or dog.  These mats will hold any food or water that may spill keeping your floor clean and dry. Available in several colors.  Personalization of your pet's name is available as well.  Also makes a GREAT GIFT!

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